We are a young team, hungry for impact and with the dream to start a movement.

"I invite you to question how you live and work. Are you really using your working time wisely? Do you work in structures and methods that empower you? And then when you have time off, do you use your free time to pursue a real passion?"

Tobias Klug

Tobias is an organiser, always forward thinking and the incorporation of the “lets-do-it” approach. His team values him as a trustworthy leader, his friends as a passionate cook.
Tobias is our communication-hero, he is always ready to conduct a workshop or create a stakeholder dialogue.
Tobias feels at home in the startup world. He gets excited when it comes to the lean development of business models, especially if they have the potential to change the world.
He gathered experience in tech startups, green banking and event management.
Tobias studied Philosophy, Economics and Management in Germany, England and Portugal. He holds a Major in Entrepreneurship & Innovation.


"I invite you to see the fight against climate change as a chance for self-fulfillment. Creating positive impact for people and nature can be extremely fulfilling and motivating. Remember: You only have one life. Why not use it for something meaningful?"

Julia Roblick

Julia is an idealist, full of positive energy, and with a knife-sharp analytical mindset. Her team values her as the best researcher, able to quickly break down complexity. Her friends value her as an inspirational optimist.
She makes sure that we use the right frameworks and terminology, learn from best practices in sustainable business and structure our analyses correctly.
Julia is exited about setting social enterprise theory into action. She gathered her experience in tax advisory, e-commerce and social startups. She also works as a pro-bono social consultant at Oikos.
Julia studied Law, Economics and Management in Germany, Finland and Portugal. She holds a Major in Sustainability & Social Enterprise.


"I invite you to live out your inner child. Why? Because it's worth it. Be creative, enjoy the beautiful small things in life and you will find more happiness. I am proud to say that I made my childhood dreams come true. I live at the beach, surrounded by creative and positive people and I wake up with a smile every day."

Moritz Klug

Moritz is an untiring creator with an empathetic understanding of people's needs. His team values him as an unconventional thinker, his friends as a surf fanatic.
Moritz makes sure that we ask the right questions, think outside the box and create a deep understanding of peoples needs.
Moritz is one of the Co-Founders of NOTHEND, a sustainable clothing brand based and produced in Portugal. Moreover, he gathered experience in the talent program of a german tech incubator. His first job was traveling and surfing around the world with a video creation team.
Moritz studied Media Production, Media Technology and Marketing in Germany and Portugal. He is finishing his Bachelor in International Marketing.


Our motivation for the topic of sustainability comes from our deep connection to nature. We feel most comfortable when we don't have a roof over our heads. Be it in the waves or in the mountains. Wouldn't it be great if future generations could have as much fun on our planet as we do? We believe that a healthy planet can exist if we learn to do business sustainably. That is why a large part of the responsibility lies with the companies. And with the people who advise companies.

In April 2020, we started evolvia as an innovative student project, driven by the conviction that management consulting can be done differently. When stress and overtime are valued as symbols of success, when sustainability is misused for greenwashing and when companies that really want to make a difference have their money pulled out of their pockets, then something is going wrong. A few months of research, surveys and interviews later our assumptions were confirmed. And we were convinced that it was time for a new approach to consulting. A movement. Created by the generation Y and Z. Created for the generations that come after us and want to find a planet worth living on.

Since then, we have successfully implemented various projects, built a strong network and developed our "green & lean" approach. Nevertheless, we are still at the beginning and continue to evolve with new pilot projects. That's why innovative, agile companies and startups are our favourite customers.

Actually, we see our collective as a startup itself. That means we want to learn, we want to experiment, we want to do things differently. What do we mean with differently? We do not see ourselves as experts who have the right to just tell clients what to do. A top-down approach doesn't suit us, because the experts are already working in your company. We rather are the enablers who awaken your potential and steer it in the right (green) direction.

And yes, maybe we know the right framework or best practice at one point or another. But which one suits you best should be discussed in a personal meeting, don't you think so?
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