“Don’t put plastic in your mouth!”

The Spoontainable Story
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SDGs: 11, 12, 13, 14

Single-use plastic is be banned in the European Union since 2021. This includes disposable cutlery or plastic dishes. A German startup is developing the most sustainable alternative to plastic cutlery. Check out Spoontainable on Instagram, LinkedIn, and their Website.

The Vision

Worldwide billions of plastic forks, knives, and spoons end up in the trash after single usage. These quantities cause incredible pollution of the environment.
Meanwhile, tons of unused residues from food processing get thrown away. This adds up to a great amount of food waste produced during the processing of grain, fruit or other goods.

Spoontainable uses valuable side products of the food industry in order to generate a sustainable circular economy and end the global plastic waste.

“We hope to set an example with our vision and encourage many more startups and companies to fight against plastic waste.”
Julia Piechotta, Co-founder

The Product

As their first product, Spoontainable offers edible spoons, produced with natural ingredients. From production to sale: the whole value chain is climate-neutral. You can find out more about the “Spoonie” here.

Why are these spoons so revolutionary? The "Spoonie" is actually baked, just like your granny’s cookies. The ingredients are industrial food waste (biogenic residuals) and therefore the spoons are completely edible or compostable. In terms of sustainability, they are by far the best option, for example for ice-cream shops that want to do their bit to avoid plastic waste.

The Team

The startup combines bundled female power. The founders Amelie and Julia met during their masters at the University of Hohenheim and founded the company straight out of their flatshare kitchen.

After a long period of experimenting and bootstrapping, the entrepreneurs ran an extremely successful crowdfunding campaign in 2018.
Being a leading innovator in sustainable plastic alternatives today, just earned Spoontainable a place in the TechFounders Accelerator Program, a German startup program backed by food giant Aldi.

The evolvia Project

Spoontainable is taking over the European market and evolvia is proud to partner up with the startup for the scaling challenge. Using their expertise in go-to-market-strategy, a team of three evolvia consultants developed a market entry strategy for the Iberian Peninsula.

“The team really over-delivered on the project. They managed to get very deep insights into an industry you hardly find any data on. Especially the hacks they used to understand the supply-chain for plastic spoons in Portugal and Spain impressed me. At the same time, working at eye level was great fun. It was cool to see that evolvia really acts like a startup and is far off from all the typical consultant frills. I will definitely recommend them to business partners and other companies.”
Amelie Vermeer, Co-Founder

By the way: The evolvia team also tried the spoons themselfs. And we can confirm that the Spoonie keeps what it promises!

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