Even though we are agile and innovative, we operate in a static value framework that ensures that all our work is value driven.

Consulting Cornerstones

Fair pricing

Our work is of highest quality but competitively priced due to agile project execution (no unnecessary expenses for traveling, meals etc.). Our pricing is transparent and fixed before project start.


We despise perfectionism. We execute projects as lean as possible, while maintaining clear communication. We prefer delivering hands on results over designing time consuming presentations.

Remote consulting

We avoid any kind of traveling whenever possible to minimise our environmental impact and avoid additional client expenses. We communicate digitally but in a way that allows for valuable interpersonal experiences.

Real impact

We provide honest analyses and implementable solutions. We measure our success by the long-term results of our clients. We value criticisms.

Agile hierarchies

We live inclusive leadership and an organic organisational structure. We empower self-management but always set clear responsibilities.


We ask, listen, think and respond respectfully. We always collaborate and reject behaviour of status or superiority.

Work-surf balance

We always prioritise meaningfully so working times fit with family, friends, and hobbies. We see overtime not as hard work but as a failure in project management.
Internal Resolutions

We never work for the sake of work, but always for a purpose.

We never measure a persons success in working hours or income.

We live sustainability.

We focus on developing skills and relationships.

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